Dice Setting, Setting the Dice

Dice Setting, Setting the Dice

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Dice Control, Dice Setting
The PARR Enhancement Manual is the Foundation of the Sharpshooter/PARR Learning Program

Dice Control Course

Learning Breakthroughs


Sharpshooter/PARR Learning Breakthroughs Simplify and Expedite Learning so you Maintain your Dice Control Advantage!

Dice Control Learning Breakthrough #1 -- Learning Aids and Practice Drills


Learning Aids and Practice Drills for the Set, the Grip and the Controlled Throw expedite the learning process via the PARR Manual, the DVDs and interaction with your Instructors via the Email List Server.

Benefit 1: The PARR Enhancement Manual

The PARR Enhancement Manual with its diagnostic and corrective action tools could easily save you your investment in PARR in one craps session by avoiding unnecessary losses.

It contains innovative learning aids and practice drills to expedite the learning process, thus getting you into the advantage arena and profit zone sooner.

The key is that you know right up front if your form is on or off; if it's off, you quickly correct your throwing flaws and proceed on your upward learning curve.

Just one tool in the PARR Enhancement Manual, "The Carpenter's Level," for example, can increase your on-axis throws per point cycle; a one-point increase could result in one more winning bet per hand and could easily save you the $195 over a session or two.

Benefit 2: The Sharpshooter DVDs

The Sharpshooter DVDs (2) bring to life the dice sets, grips, and controlled throws in real time, slow motion and even frame-by-frame. Copy Sharpshooter and his instructors in your practice sessions and you can be throwing with an edge in a matter of days or a couple of weeks.

DVD 1:
  • Listen to Sharpshooter’s Lecture and watch his cutaway demonstrations of the five linchpins of dice control: Bet, Set, Grip, Zone and Throw.
DVD 2:
  • Learning Aids and demonstrations of using the new Super Set for Gripping, Releasing and Throwing on axis.
  • Instructions for diagnosing/correcting throwing flaws that may creep into your form.
  • Also contains demonstrations/descriptions of betting and money management tactics.
  • Nothing but Sharpshooter demonstrating Sets, Grips, and Throws in real time, slow motion and frame by frame.

Not only do you learn how to throw with control, but also you learn to spot and correct your throwing flaws which may occur in the early stages of your Learning Curve. This instruction is unique to PARR.

Don't risk your hard-earned bankroll by stepping up to the table half-prepared; Sharpshooter/PARR will pay off many times your small investment.

Benefit 3: A Dealer School One-on-One Training Session

Dealer School One-on-one Training Sessions are available for a modest fee. An experienced PARR Coach checks out your form, corrects any outpoints, and suggests "tweaks" where necessary.

Many PARR players have told us that they learned more from our coaches and experienced instructors than from an expensive course that they took earlier.

Watching the coaches and the other players' throws will give you the confidence to put your own money on the line and start winning.

Here is where you reinforce your DVD and Home Practice learning program for diagnosing and correcting throwing flaws, but you also learn how to spot outpoints in a fellow PARR Player's form.

Benefit 4: The New PARR Super Set

The New PARR Super Set was developed by Walt Diem (AKA The Sage), my Senior Instructor and Dice Control Researcher.

Because of its unique positioning of the dice faces, the Super Set is Field Favorable and empowers a number of betting tactics that involve the combination of Place Bets and Field Bets.

Benefit 5: The Signature Trend Betting Strategies

Signature Trend Betting Strategies (STS) identify those numbers that you are most likely to roll - where you get the "biggest bang for the buck" - STS is unique to PARR.

Many neophyte dice controllers think that just because they can throw the dice more than the average 6 times during the point cycle, the money will come rolling in. Not so. You need to know which numbers to bet and how much to bet. STS delivers this vital information.

Put yourself at the craps table making a decision regarding which numbers to bet. Knowing the numbers that you are most likely to roll can generate wins beginning with your first controlled throw - making possible a quick recoup of your initial bets on this hand and setting you up for a nice profit - a free ride with house money.

Other Benefits of Sharpshooter/PARR


Benefit 6: PARR's Email Network

PARR's Email Network connects you to PARR Players and Coaches to get your questions answered and to arrange joint casino plays - discover the powerful dynamic of playing with other PARR players and watch your winnings multiply.

This is PARR Power and it energizes you and elevates your winnings, starting with the Power of Two and continuing on to Group Play.

Benefit 7: PARR's Exclusive Online Information Library

PARR's Exclusive Online Information Library is a comprehensive resource of practical tips and ideas to enhance and maintain your edge over the house.

Benefit 8: Shooting Craps from The Zone

Shooting Craps From The Zone, © 2010, is the long awaited new dice control book from Sharpshooter & Jerry Patterson. It is now an integral part of the Sharpshooter/PARR Dice Control Course.

Using The Zone empowers your dice control skills with a simple mental memory process that creates a truly lethal weapon at the craps table - You!

Using this simple mental process enables you to throw more winning numbers before the seven-out and thus capture more of the casinos' chips instead of giving up your own.

Throwing with consistency and efficient use of muscle memory makes you a threat to the casinos' bankroll every time you pick up the dice and - - -

Increases the probability of a Long Hand or even a MONSTER ROLL!

Shooting Craps From The Zone is a very effective introduction to Dice Control and can be purchased as an introduction, separate from the Sharpshooter/PARR Dice Control Course for just $17.

Return to Home Page for complete details including purchase instructions.

Benefit 9: The Hot Roll Finder

The Hot Roll Finder - How to scalp profits, minimize your losses, and score on the Random Rollers ("chicken feeders") when they throw a random long hand.

Examples of Sharpshooter/PARR Learning Breakthroughs


A table showing how high to throw the dice above the table bed to achieve the optimal 45-degree angle necessary for a soft landing on a winning number.

A Technique you can use to launch the dice into their on-axis orbit with a better chance of them staying on axis throughout flight and landing on a winning number.

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Dice Setting, Setting the Dice