Dice Setting, Setting the Dice

Dice Setting, Setting the Dice

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Dice Control, Dice Setting
The PARR Enhancement Manual is the Foundation of the Sharpshooter/PARR Learning Program

Dice Control Course

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How To Control Fair Dice:
The Origins Of Dice Control


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"How To Control Fair Dice", by K.C. Card is the real beginning of Dice Control circa 1927. It is a fascinating and informative 15-page Pamphlet.

Seven different controlled dice shots are described and illustrated.

Quoted from the inside cover:

" An expose on Controlling Dice by Manipulation . . ."

"This pamphlet is the most complete work of its kind ever printed. Every move necessary to perform every shot is fully described and where necessary to make the subject clear, illustrations have been made."

"The work is the combined effort of several dice men - men who know the game from every angle."


The FREE Booklet will be mailed via U.S. Post Office with your copy of Dr. Heller’s CD - audio instruction on creating the Zone.


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To appreciate the value of  your FREE Advantage Player Newsletter, consider that Jerry Patterson Enterprises, Inc., has been at the leading edge of developing winning advantage methods for Craps, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat since its inception in 1979.

JPE, Inc. is the only School of Gambling which offers statistically validated Methods delivering an advantage in all the major table games: craps, blackjack, roulette and baccarat.




JPE, inc. was first in creating and instructing a dice control course called Sharpshooter/PARR.  This was published in 1997 and has since  been acquired by over 2,000 JPE clients.

Dice control articles will be published in Advantage Player.  Examples are:

  1. The Shooter Selection Secret that explains how to identify shooters who possess the skills of dice control including the secret which, if present, qualifies them for your bets.
  2. Sharpshooter on the 3V, 2V and Hardway Sets and determining which is best for you.



Blackjack was the game which launched my gambling business in 1979.  I taught card counting to hundreds of new gamblers frequenting the just-opened Atlantic City casinos.  They found me via my weekly gaming column in The Philadelphia Inquirer.
When the casinos changed the blackjack rules in 1982 to thwart card counters, I developed state-of-the-art methods for tracking shuffles and for identifying player-favorable blackjack tables based on the new shuffles.

An example is TARGET 21, a method for finding player-favorable and dealer-breaking tables.  TARGET 21 was published in 1985, is in use by thousands of blackjack players, and is just as effective now as it was 25 years ago when first published.

A simplified version of TARGET 21, to be published in Advantage Player, is called The Big Game Hunt, a method for finding Dealer Breaking Tables that are dumping chips to the players right now. 



In the early 1990s, I sponsored the development of an advantage  method for clocking roulette wheels and locking on to dealer signatures.  Called Signature Series Roulette, it predicts the sector into which the ball will fall. 

A simplified version, called The Hot Sector Method, will be published in the Advantage Player Newsletter.  This advantage method can be employed by eyeballing the electronic display of the last 20 numbers shown on the screen.



In late 2007, I sponsored a research project aimed at developing a viable advantage method for beating casino baccarat.  It was successful and the strategy, now in use by over 200 JPE clients, is called Baccarat Gold.  More information will be published in an upcoming Newsletter.

Interesting Gambling Stories


Since I have been around longer that all the other gambling authors and entrepreneurs, you can count on reading some fascinating stories in the Advantage Player Newsletter.


  • Dr. Jack Zito’s 100-roll hands at the craps table;
  • Eric Nielsen’s in-casino demonstration of his Signature Series Roulette Method to representatives of the United Kingdom’s High Court to settle a case between the casinos and the sports books regarding roulette machines;
  • Stories from my association with the legendary Blackjack Player, Kenny Uston
  • And many more.

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Dice Setting, Setting the Dice