Dice Setting, Setting the Dice

Dice Setting, Setting the Dice

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Dice Control, Dice Setting
The PARR Enhancement Manual is the Foundation of the Sharpshooter/PARR Learning Program

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Setting The Dice

Setting The Dice Is A Key Element For Dice Control

To have any chance of being successful, you must deliver the dice so that they leave your hand at the same time and perform identical gyrations through the air, landing and bouncing together. To facilate that delivery it is important that the dice are set in a specific configuration to avoid the 7.


Here are some of the most effective dice sets

The Hardways Set

This set gives you maximum protection against the dreaded 7, but still relies on a consistent method of throwing the dice. This set is suitable for an intermediate level dice shooter with a smooth and consistent delivery. The rank novice would also use this set, but should not expect any kind of an edge until he is able to further develop his throw.

Just as the name would imply, you will set hard ways combinations all around the dice. For example, you could set 5-5, or the hard 10, on top with either 3-3 (hard 6) or 4-4 (the hard 8) on the front. The 2-2, or hard 4, would then be at the bottom. If you prefer, you can position the hard eight, hard six or hard four on top. What matters most is that hardways combinations (2-2, 3-3, 4-4, and 5-5) are found all around the dice before you pick them up. There are 16 different ways out of 1,152 that the Hardways Set can be formed.

In the casino, the stickman will bring the dice in front of the boxman for visual inspection. After the stickman slides the dice over to you to throw, place them side-by-side and form hardways combinations on top and front. A good point to remember is that opposite parallel faces of each die will add up to 7. Grab a die and look at it. If a 3 is on top, then a 4 has to be on the bottom face and likewise with the 5-2 and 6-1. This fact will help you to position the dice more efficiently.


3 V and 2V Sets

The 2-V Set is as powerful at avoiding the 7 as is the 3-V set is, but the 3-V Set is more powerful at sniping out inside numbers (all primaries and several secondaries). These inside numbers have a higher frequency of occurrence and lower house edges than the outside numbers do. Those facts make the 3-V set (hands down) the most powerful set for someone who has mastered the Perfect Pitch Delivery System.

Additionally and also very importantly, the dice must also be synchronized. That is, they must pitch, or rotate horizontally, at the same rate and side by side. The right die should be the mirror image of the left die. This includes parallel trajectories, alignments and spin rates (they should be doing the same things at the same time). Under these ideal and well-practiced circumstances, you are, indeed, better served using the 3-V (for inside numbers) or the 2-V (outside numbers) dice sets.

If the dice roll or yaw just one face off and you are using the 3-V or 2-V sets, you may be staring at a seven-out! The Hardway set gives you 100% protection if you are only "one" face off in any rotational direction. You must be two faces off before you see sevens with the Hardway set.


Other Sets

There are many other dice sets that can be used to expand your ability to control the dice. Some players who have completed the Sharpshooter/PARR dice control course have developed their own sets which have become part of the training.

The In-line Six set (on the left) should not be confused with the Hardways set above. This set is a specific set used mostly for the come-out roll, as it tends to result in a lot of 7s.

The Six-T set (on the right) is also used for the come-out roll. It also has the advantage of hitting many of the outside numbers provided your delivery has been refined through practice.

Additionally, there are other sets like the "Super Set" which are explained in detail in the Sharpshooter/Parr Course.



Dice Setting, Setting the Dice